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I help professional women of color harness the power they need to make authentic and strategic career decisions that align with their values.

Women Colleagues
empowerment Session

We will review tips and strategies for thriving in every element of your

professional journey.


We will focus on practicing tailored career strategies for accomplishing your outlined goals.


Tune in to my podcast to listen to the  advice, tools and tips to help you clarify your  career vision and create a career strategy to help you achieve the career that refects who you are. 

Sue ACito

Esther is incredible!! I felt like we had been working together forever (in a good way!) and that was after only one session. It's encouraging to have her on my team during this career reflection and enhancement process!!

Sara Horatius

I was applying to jobs at the intersection of law and communications. It was very difficult for me to get interviews. I decided to meet with Esther. She advised me on how to improve my resume and cover letter. When I began applying for jobs again, I started receiving callbacks for interviews.

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